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Scientific Documentation Center

The Scientific Documentation Center of the Istituto Clinico Humanitas is an invaluable bibliographic asset for sustaining and growing the program’s teaching and research. Its content is continuously enriched and updated to reflect shifts in research and the evolution of each clinical discipline.

The information resources come from regional and national databases like the Sistema Bibliotecario Biomedico Lombardo (SBBL, Lombard Biomedical Library System) and Bibliosan, the library network of Italian biomedical research bodies, and from generous donations.

The Documentation Center also has an extensive collection of monographs, scientific journals, databanks and E-books. It offers a series of services aimed at:

  • finding scientific documentation;
  • bibliographic references;
  • monitoring and supporting the production of biomedical literature.

Electronic and IT Services: OPAC

There are work spaces with computers available in rooms designated for study and research. Students can use the OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue) electronic catalogue system. In addition to the traditional functions of a paper catalogue (research by author, title, etc.), OPAC provides access to electronic resources including a digital library that allows easy access to electronic journals and helps locate study materials, making research faster and more effective. OPAC can be accessed from any terminal connected to the Humanitas network without having to physically enter the Library.

Reference Service
(Bibliographical Information and Consultancy)

The secretary’s office of the Center provides general information, helps students navigate library catalogues and book lists, and to develop research skills with on-line catalogues and national and international databases.

The Center organizes meetings, workshops and training courses on how to use the library’s digital resources.

Scientific Paper Delivery Service

With this service, students can request copies of articles not owned by the center’s library from other libraries in the Network Inter-Library Document Exchange (NILDE) and SBBL networks.